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Make Pornhub more of a Social Media

Make pornhub more social. It will gain both the models and the site revenue while providing the models a more productive & efficient ways of gaining fan and sharing content.

We also need a social app & a higher feature rate most models are being featured less frequently I hear about it often. Many models have quit because of this.

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    MsShynie Moore shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anthony commented  · 

        I posted this under a new topic then realized it was better suited for this topic >>>

        Lets try to integrate multiple (3 to 5) simultaneous video playback of members' reactions (can be anon or member ID) to the video being played. This integration would provide a greater community element in that the reactions do not need to be explicit. Simply watching another members eyes widen at the exact time they see something explicit in the video that the current user is also watching will engage greater synaptic activity associated with empathy in the user watching. This has shown through several neuroscience studies to reduce explicit image tolerance (the need for more to feel something) as well as provide an increased awareness to social cues and body language. Turning PH into a tool that may help undo known negative aspects of pornographic viewing.

        The other members' integrated video reactions will need to be their 1st viewing recordings to guarantee authenticity. Members can authorize how their recording will be viewed like choosing whether they choose to remain anonymous or not, or only view-able to friends). These recorded webcam videos DO NOT need to be explicit, but can be, as they are simply the authentic reactions of members to other videos.

        These recordings would then play simultaneously next to the primary explicit material, giving the option to record (whomever is viewing) before the video begins (1st viewing) and to upload their recording at the end of playback. The viewer of the explicit material and reactions will have the choice to filter the reactions for certain member demographics (gender, sexuality, age)

        There is a likeliness that this platform integration will subsequently offer member friendship searches based on authenticity ratings, effectively championing an increase in the standards of conversations/posts surrounding human sexuality. Pornhub could be the next platform of human transcendence by potentially freeing us to challenge the modern illusory split-narrative of instinct vs higher order functioning. By engaging our brains with multiple layers of emotional stimuli, we will learn more about ourselves and others so that we may always live our highest standard of sexual truth.

      • dummy_6819 commented  · 

        ... Ugh. Apparently I can't count and there's no way to edit. I'm going to dedicate my next PH session to #2. Forever missing from the comment, but forever in my heart.

      • dummy_6819 commented  · 

        This has been on my mind for a while, so let's get a few things straight about "social".

        First, the objective of social should be to HELP USERS FIND AND CONSUME BETTER CONTENT.

        To that end, I think what would really make a huge improvement is making tags first-class citizens. Stop hiding them. Make them far more robust and effective at describing content.

        1. Allow a tag to have a definition and canonical terms. This is critical as so many terms are quite similar. Some terms encompass other terms, and users should be able to identify the tags that specifically interest them without ending up with a bunch of content that is related but not of interest.

        You get the idea. It's important because so many videos are mis-tagged. Or not tagged in a specific enough manner. Maybe you want to see videos where a guy cums on a girls tongue, but you don't like it when he's the one doing the work. Perhaps you only enjoy it when she's the one causing the orgasm. Maybe you only like it when her mouth is closed. Or maybe only wearing certain socks, or has a specific haircut, or whatever!

        Trying to find the a video that has all these little attributes - the specific combination of which are like a fingerprint for each individuals taste - is very, very difficult. The signal to noise ratio is high. As an example, I'll share my own personal little preference on something. I don't like it when the guy is standing up. Sitting or lying down is fine, but standing just bothers me. It's a small thing, but just the same, I'd like to be able to search or filter based on that "position" which applies to the "male" in the video. Right now, that isn't really possible.

        3. Tags should have "types". Which is to say, do they apply to a verb/event/action, or do they apply to a noun/person/position. And if it applies to a person, does it apply to the male or female (or other non-binary descriptions). This is important especially because so many words are both nouns and verbs. We need to be able to search for "splits" and know whether we're going to see gymnastics or some kind of medical emergency in the search results.

        4. Have a field for each tag to assign the one video that best represents its definition. Maybe it's just the video that has that tag upvoted the most times. Maybe there are trusted users of the community who moderate the tag's definition to ensure quality. Whatever the case, there needs to be a single video that perfectly represents what that tag means.

        5. Move the tags. Place them prominently where people can up/downvote whether or not the tags actually apply to the video. Tag voting should see an enormous amount of engagement on every video. Right now they are hidden and it seems they are largely unused. If they were used, I think videos wouldn't be so poorly tagged.

        6. Make the tagging itself social. For instance, if I suggest a new tag on a spcific video, that should draw some additional views to the video by people interested in that tag. Those people can up/downvote the suggestion, and I can gain or lose points based on the community's agreement or disagreement with my suggestion. ... Almost like Reddit.

        7. Eventually get rid of per-video ratings. A video that I hate might be something someone else absolutely loves. Yet the rating we see is the same for both of us. That doesn't make much sense and it isn't very helpful. I've found some really low rated videos I loved and plenty of highly rated videos that were just terrible. Why rate an entire video when what you really want to rate is the quality of specific events/tags/attributes within the video? Ratings can be based on the tags I'm known to like, and the video's overall rating should be different for each user and weighted based on tags.

        However, if you know what tags or attributes are important to me, and you know how well those particular tags/attributes apply to a particular video, then you can give me a much more individualized rating. And the more tag-suggesting and voting I do, the better the video-suggestions get for me and for people with similar interests over time.

        8. Allow people with similar interests ("fingerprints") to find each other and let the social part form naturally from there. Don't force it.

        9. Allow some tags/categories to be absolutely hidden, site-wide, no exceptions. There are some things I just don't ever want to see, even if a video contains other content I would normally like. I know there is a page for this in settings, but it doesn't actually hide content.


        I think that's it. To me, that would be the perfect kind of social. One that helps me find better content and then allows me to see and perhaps follow people who have similar interests.

      • Jaime Echiribel commented  · 

        I heavily agree with this idea. I believe as a community, it would be a lot easier to connect with other members if the platform was to be more social media based. As well as adding an app which could be a game changer. #LetsGo

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        You all are selfish you only care about porn than family you don’t care about kids at all oh we’re going to make kids get in trouble let’s make this idea up to show kids abuse masterbation and everything sex related it’s time to stop this I’m only 12

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Well fuck no fuck porn this is my last time I’m going to watch it fuck porn kid should have to see this shit I’m only 12 like tf it’s time to stop reallise what your doing is wrong ok like actually my life is fucking Rueind because of this shit ban it from kid useing this please I’m trying to protect my self

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Yes this would be incredible and could take off larger than Facebook haha. But in reality also fix the ‘Lives in’ field for searching members because someone can type a different town and you can’t find them!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Yes! options to see whos near you. make it more app friendly

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        A social media project? Have you read some if the things these total perverts say online? They are not fit to be in the light of society. It is about 10-15%.having sex with the son & Dad brags about how wonderful it is for him and his boy connect like no other father He makes up shit about how close we are and they probably ask him for a fuck. I have no idea what he will do. He would let them fuck me as in bragging about what a great cocksucker I am with a tight hole

      • Ethan commented  · 

        Hi Brett Hall,
        First of all I wanna say you're social media/network is really awesome.
        I'm not the suggester, but I think adding an option of going into video chat with friends, like you can have on Kik and Snapchat and Whatsapp it can be really awesome. That way it's possible to have some fun with other users without any need to move to Kik or apps alike.
        I assume it's quite a bit of work, but I'm sure it'll be worth it for pornhub's traffic, and it'll clearly be awesome for the users too.

        It's important though to make sure that you're safe from viruses cause that's a risk I'm thinking about alot when using porn sites. Well pornhub is the main porn site I'm using, cause it seems the safest, but still it's something I worry about.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        regardless of what the outlandish fantasies that are in your head i will assure you that the last thing real models and pornstars want to do is have to respond to anything you think they want to hear from fans. if you had a brain you would know that all the effort in trying to talk to them only makes you look even more pathetic than you already are....they want your money and for you to shut the fuck up, stop trying to interact with them, and get a real life. talking to fans is one of the dreaded aspects of having to promote via social media thats why you dont get replies from them on twitter unless you have supported them by purchasing their work.

      • MsShynie Moore commented  · 

        Sorry for the wait, I actually took the time to speak to several hundred other verified models & pornhub community members via social media to gather the most requested changes people suggested. They are not in any particular order.

        1. Chat rooms- One feature people MISS is chat rooms no sites seem to have them anymore

        2. Lift the friend request limit/Make adding people easier just 1 click - people want to be able to add as many people are they want

        3. Put the pornhub verified amateur feed on the main pornhub page this draws in more attention to the models, gives free advertising to said models & makes becoming a model more intriguing for those on the fence about joining.

        4. Add the option to make each post public, friends or private for privacy concerns

        5. Messenger- Its hard to be social on here you never know if someone is online - This was one of the most requested by far

        6. Ability to upload sample videos/ teaser videos ... example our snapchat videos or our Instagram videos without having to put them under our porns

        7. Improved app interaction for easier access to pornhub also add the verified options on the app as well more people would use the app if it had full site capabilities

        8. Model ranking - I see a lot of dead accounts on here and people who leave pornhub often because there is not enough interaction on the social media side add in the features plus a ranking system & this would be the new fb for adults

        9. Featured videos ... I know many people who have not been featured in months or even longer who used to be featured often or models who gave up while waiting to be featured that weren't making enough money. Models should get a vote on what videos they want to be featured & every model should be featured more often this only draws in more models & more revenue there should be no reason an account sites making no revenue that harmful for both the model & the company (Many females had this complaint)

        10. Live twitter feed connects to all models so when we upload content like pictures, videos or GIFS they are posted to a stream for all verified models content this is a great way to bring pornhub & the models a lot of free advertising

        11. Incentive program - I've noticed there is a program now but its not of a lot of new members that reach 50k quickly ... Things like a PH certificate at 1k, t-shirt at 5k & free pornhub panties at 10k plus badges would be a great way to really drive models. Even models like me who have 46k would love earning free pornhub swag plus validation

        12. Snapchat - I know most of us have lost a snapchat or two leaves models frustrated & having to start over so it would be great is pornhub had an my story feature

        13. Live- A lot of people suggested ph get a live feature

        14. Groups - Many suggested the adding of groups on ph similar to fb

        15. More interactive feed - ability to share/reshare content they enjoy onto their own pages/ the ability to see what your friends are watching, liking & sharing

        Those are the ideas that I gathered. Thanks for your time. - MsShynie

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        You could upgrade a bit for cheap like when someone favorites a video or subscribes to something make likes and comments possible. Could make it so you can tag friends too

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